Complete Set of 4 100 ml Arch Angel Air Conditioners
This includes one each of the four 100ml Arch Angel Air Conditioners. Excellent to work with and to select one of the Arch Angels on daily/weekly basis and as is appropriate for the space. Also excellent to use in therapy rooms etc. To use select accordingt to your inner-tuition and spray in the space to bring in the individual Arch Angel Energies:

Michael helps to clear the way towards opening our hearts. Letting out intense fears and anxieties. Brings in a quality of faith and truth.

Gabriel helps one towards developing the ability to be true to ourseves. Helps to increase the quality of warmth and caring. Helpful with family or community situations to return connection and inspiration.

Raphael encourages a soothing peaceful energy pomoting wellbeing and wholeness. Helps us to listen to our inner voice which arises from silence.

Uriel helps to support growth towards clarity of intuitive perception. Helps invoke compassion with warmth and awareness. Allows wisdom and peace to be brought together.